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het eerste zeilschip

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het laatste vrachtschip
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ss Gedé (English version)



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SS Gedé

Shipping Company N.V. Rotterdamsche Lloyd - Rotterdam
Ship-building Yard N.V. Koninklijke Maatschappij 'De Schelde' at Flushings
Type Mailschip, full scantling, 3 dekken
Date of Construction 1892
Passengers 1e class: 38, 2e class: 24, 3e class: ?
Measurements Lenght: 109,5 m.Width: 11,6 m.Hight: 8,23 m.
Motor & power Quadruple expansion steam engine, 4 cylinders - 2000 IPK
Speed 12 sea miles per hour
BNR 78
Bruto Register Tons 2828
Netto Register Tons 1793
Dead Weight in Tons 3397
The Netherlands - Dutch Indies Service. In January 1912 the Gedé called, as first ship, the port of  Belawan - Sumatra.
Call-sign NSJK
1910 - Sold to Cia Naveira del Pacifico - Quamas Mexico. New name: 'General y Pesqueira'.

1916 - Sold to Kishimoto, Kisen - Japan. New name: 'Shigizan Maru'.


Aquarel - ss Gedé
Aquarel - Passengers on deck
ss Gedé at Sabang-Dutch Indies Quay attendant, Saleh on board the Gedé - 1909
Half model of the ss Gedé Ships drawing from 1892



During the World War-I the ss Shigizan Maru (former ss Gedé) was sailing under Japanese flag and chartered by a American shipping company from Genoa to New York. On July 1917, about 3 miles off the French coast near Port la Nouvelle she was blown up by a sea mine. After that she was torpedoed by the German submarine:"U-27". After a big explosion the ss Shigizan Maru sank directly, her position now is: 42°57'N - 03°04'E.

The German submarine U-27, at October 19, 1916



Pictures from Patrice Strazzera, Nathalie Vialade, Claude Roquelaure and the Koninklijke Rotterdamsche Lloyd Museum

Port La Nouvelle at the Mediterranean
The sea chart and the Gedé wreck
The port forecastle
The starboard forecastle
A piece of railing on the forecastle A clearly visible porthole
The Scottish boiler
The port anchor



The anchor is lifted by Jifmar Offshore Services
De crew poses with proud



'Port la Nouvelle' is a commune in the French Department: "Aude"  (regio Languedoc-Roussillon). In 2005 it had 5610 inhabitants. The port is part of the district": "Narbonne.

                                            PORT LA NOUVELLE - FRANCE

                                                     The invitement of the Port La Nouvelle Mayor

On July 7, 2011, our CEO, Ed van Lierde was invited by the City of Port La Nouvelle, to unveil the anchor of the ss Gedé, together with the Mayor, Henri Martin. The spouse of Ed van Lierde, Mrs. Josje van Lierde-olivier joined our president during this very warm welcome. Ed van Lierde seized the opportunity to ask the Council Secretary, Glaude Roquelaure (former chairman of the local diving club) some recognizable elements of the ss Gedé destined for the Royal Rotterdam Lloyd Museum in The Netherlands. Because of poor diving conditions unfortunately the divers did not succeed in getting a Gedé piece so far!



Left: Mayor, Henri Martin and right: Ed van Lierde are together unveiling de copper plaquette.
Mayor, Henri Martin thanks Ed van Lierde for his                             presence.                                                                           
The beautiful set up of the Gedé anchor, plaquette                             
and information board.
The extensive (French) information and pictures on the information board
As a real Frenchman the Mayor speeches wide gesticulating.
Council secretary, Claude Roquelaure is doing a few sentences of his speech in the Dutch language.
The listeners are appreciating the, sometimes faltering, French speech of Ed van Lierde.
Our Chairman is about to get a personal souvenir from the Mayor.
The whole group: From left to right Corinne Blokhoff-Astruc, Council Secretary, Claude Roquelaure, Josje van Lierde-Oliver, Founder KRL-Museum, Ed van Lierde, Mayor Henry Martin and the author (Arthus Bertrand) of the souvernir (see down below), our chairman received.
Left: The present for Ed van Lierde frome the Mayor and right: the present for Claude Roquelaure from our Chairman.
Claude Roquelaure created a beautiful Powerpoint-presentation.
This expositions shows the involvement of the Citu Council of Port la Nouvelle.
The other day ...... a stunning view over Port La Nouvelle. From left to right: Josje van Lierde-Olivier, Corinne Blokhoff-Astruc en Claude Roquelaure. He organised the other-day-tour.


Oil painting - Marc Brisset - 2016


Mayor Henri Martin of Port La Nouvelle pointed in his speech to his wish to organise a major event on the 100th birthday of the sinking of the Gedé, in about 6 years!  It is remarkable clear how well the French government is far more valuating heritage than the Dutch government does. Our museum is since her founding confronted with this lack of government interest. The French also showed us that hospitality has a high priority. From this website we thank them again for that .............

 "Port La Nouvelle ....... Merci beaucoup pour votre hospitalité!"